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Rosé Season Is Upon Us.....

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Every season focuses on different flavours, smells, colours and styles. As the temperature warms up, and the sun starts shining again, Rosé starts to creep out of hibernation (although, as huge Rosé fans, we actually have this in our repertoire all year long).

We can not write about Rosé and not mention Provence. Provence produces Rosé that dreams are made of. Rosé can be made using a number of different red grapes, but is often made from Grenache in this region. Having a beautiful pale colour that can range from Peachy Pink to Apricot, these Rosés have a flavour palate that can include melon, guava and mango, or strawberry, rhubarb and nectarine. Sometimes floral, sometimes a hint of spice from some barrel ageing, these rosés are known for their incredibly diverse flavour profiles bursting with fruit and their versatility.

Rosés are known for their unbelievable ability to pair with a wide range of foods, however are equally sumptuous on their own, as an afternoon patio sipper. Some of our favourite pairings: a gorgeous summer salad of fresh herbs, zucchini ribbons and arugula with a strawberry vinaigrette, grilled vegetables with goat cheese or a refreshing, spicy bowl of gazpacho.

I could go on about Rosé all day!

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