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Red Wine

Packages start at 50 Euros per person

All of our wine tasting packages are customizable, creating the perfect wine tasting experience, just for you. We will organize an initial consultation to discuss the event details and to create your own personalized wine profile that we will use to design your wine tasting event.

We recommend 3-8 different wines, depending on the number of people and the type of event you choose. We can accommodate any number of people for a wine tasting event, though some packages work better for smaller groups (<20).

Our wine tasting inspirations

Discover wine

  • Great for those who don't know a ton about wine but want to learn the basics: how to taste/smell, how to open a bottle, how to pour, etc)

  • Fantastic option for Corporate Events

  • Can be done as a virtual event

ECCENTRIC pairings

  • Fun, relaxed style wine tasting event

  • Fantastic wine tasting for Corporate Events or Celebrations

  • Can be done as a virtual wine tasting


  • Wonderful wine tasting for sparkling wine lovers

  • Perfect for Celebrations

  • Interactive (learn sabring technique)

  • Good event for smaller groups <10

tour de france

  • Perfect event for exploring different grape varietals and wine styles

  • Great for French wine lovers

  • Good for small or large groups

left vs. right

  • This wine tasting is designed for Bordeaux lovers with some knowledge of wine

  • Great for smaller groups <20

  • Perfect event for blind tasting and challenging your palate


vs. the world

  • Excellent event to introduce wine lovers to Bordeaux wine

  • Red wine lovers!

  • Good for small or large groups

  • Can be done as a virtual wine tasting event

the paris judgement

  • Exceptional wine tasting event for wine buffs!

  • Reenaction of the movie "Bottle Shock"

  • The PERFECT blind tasting

  • Good for small or large groups


wine tasting

  • Wine delivered to your door

  • Great wine tasting event for any number of people

  • Perfect for Corporate Events

  • Completely customizable

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